Prebiotic Chocolate with No Added Sugar
Our delicious prebiotic chocolate contains stevia in place of sugar. Buy It Now
Brand new products of 2019
Blackberry, rose, mastic, salep and cinnamon flavored almond dragees will make you feel happier. Discover
20 Percent Hazelnut Cocoa Spread
The long-awaited delicacy is now in all Melodi shops. Our Hazelnut Cocoa Spread is beyond expectations. Buy It Now
The fifth store

Our fifth store in Istanbul opened in Etiler district. Get Directions


The chocolate-atelier
Our chocolate-atelier is established to produce artistic pieces of handmade chocolate that taste just as good as they look. Buy It Now
The online store started delivering our products all around Turkey.

Cherry Flavored Dragee

A new savour in town! Here comes Melodi Cherry Flavored Dragee Buy It Now

Home-baked cakes with Melodi
Home-baked cakes, cookies and pastries are always a special treat. Melodi shops have the milk, dark and white chocolate chips and tablets you need when you bake at home. You can also garnish your delicacies with colorful silver bead candies available in Melodi shops. Buy It Now
Design your own customized chocolate plate
Would you like to give your loved ones a unique present? Design your own customized chocolate plate in Melodi shops by adding your favorite candies, chocolates and decorations.
The famous chocolate of Beyoglu
You will feel the beat of Beyoglu when you take a bite of Melodi's new milk chocolate with whole nuts. Buy It Now
Five different flavors of Turkish delight
In our stores you can now find five different flavors of Turkish delight: Rose, caramel, hazelnut, pistachio & chocolate coated Buy It Now
Blackberry Flavored Dragee
From the inventor of wonderful delicacies; here is the natural blackberry flavoured sweet & sour dragee Buy It Now
Have you tasted our Duet series?
We recommend you to try our new "Duet" series that combines two different fillings in a single product to bring you a fantastic experience with coffee, hazelnut and almond tastes. Duet series has such a delicious taste and a lovely appearance combining two different colors.
Pastel colored almond candies
Have you tasted our new Pastel Colored Almond Candy? We guarantee to take you back to your childhood with this taste. Buy It Now