Melodi from Past to Present

Melodi’s journey started in Samsun in the year 1957. Kemal Taşar learned the art of chocolate making in his father’s chocolate shop, carried this tradition to Istanbul and continued to practice it throughout his life under the name of Melodi.

As the next generations, we brought his experience together with the passion and care that comes with each generation. We offer our high-quality chocolates to our own children and to our customers across Turkey with a peace of mind that only comes with using the best natural ingredients.

We combined the world’s best cocoa beans, seasonal fresh nuts and naturally extracted colors with new techniques. We were the first supplier in our country to

introduce products like dragees, chocolate coated almond candies and pebble chocolates.

We participated in feasts, weddings, special celebrations; we took part in sharing, friendship and conversation in the precious moments of life; we became a symbol of giving and accepting gifts. We have grown together and became the chocolate supplier of premium food brands in our country and in the world.

At first we were a small family, yet today we share the same Melodi with millions of people around the world. But most of all, we are one of those teams, which has only done what it likes and knows best from day one – every day.

Welcome to Turkey’s chocolate factory.

We are pleased to meet you.