Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Becoming an institutionalized international brand in the boutique chocolate and confectionery market.

Our Mission

Create sweet moments and happiness for people with our premium chocolate and confectionery, produced with a perfectionist, innovative and pioneering approach since 1957.

Our Values Are

Meticulousness, Perfectionism

We try to carry out all the activities of our business in the right manner. We know that the difference lies in the details and try to reach perfection.

Innovation, Leadership and Dynamism

We try to be innovative leaders in our business by following the local and global developments. Our competitive advantage results from our innovative, dynamic and flexible structure.

Quality and Customer Focus

Our goal is to protect and improve our quality standards in line with our customers expectations. We also prioritize coordination between divisions and

have an internal customer approach.


Aware that every human being deserves respect no matter what their position, title or social status is; we act in a modest way in all areas of life.

Credibility and Stability

Protecting and developing our brand value, being a credible and stable corporation are guarantees for our future.

Learning and Experience

Individual, team-wide and organizational learning & development play a key role for us. The information & experiences we acquire nourish us.

Loyalty to the Corporation

We own up the business and workplace that keeps us together. We hold the interests of the corporation above everything and never compromise our loyalty to the corporation.

Honesty, Justice and Equality

We conduct our relationships amongst ourselves and with other stakeholders in an honest, just and equal manner. These values keep us on our feet and light our way.

Ethical Values

We carry out all our activities in line with the relevant regulations and universal ethical principles. For us, acting in line with ethical principles is

the foremost priority that comes before any other considerations.

Our Quality and Food Safety Policy 

Targets implementing all the activities about quality, food safety and the necessary systems that sustain quality and continuous improvement with the participation of all employees under the leadership of senior management.

In line with this goal we assure fulfilling these requirements:

  • Provide standardization and sustainability in all processes
  • Producing chocolate using latest technology and methods to meet the best quality,stability and food integrity; pioneering confectionery market
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction by ensuring food safety starting from the best ingredients to the fine end products
  • Establishing awareness among the employees about ISO9001,BRC; implementing these principles in compliance with the changing conditions and environment
  • Increasing productivity and competitiveness by improving quality performance indicators related to all processes from suppliers to the end customers
  • Developing the capabilities of our employees to let them take part in quality and food safety activities